Strategic Leadership Workshop

How to Out-think and Outdo®

Given our rapidly and radically changing business environment and heightened competitiveness, strategic change and leadership with focus on delivering bigger results faster are essential to address the business challenges of profit, growth, innovation and speed. Strategic thinking, execution of breakthrough strategy, results-driven leadership and balanced measurements with focus on “don’t just out-think, outdo” are key elements of success. This workshop delivered in a variety of industries around the globe is specifically designed to enhance these capabilities

Objectives / Key Benefits:

  • Lay the groundwork to drive strategic thinking and strategic change in the organization
  • Practical and holistic view of results-driven leadership, breakthrough strategy, strategic innovation and balanced measurements
  • Meet, head on, the challenge of developing and implementing breakthrough strategy for sustainable growth and lasting competitive advantage
  • Leadership driven to face the business challenges of profit, growth, innovation and speed, and deliver bigger results faster

Day 1

Results-driven strategic leadership

  • Vision, stretch goals and core values
  • Creating, leading and sustaining strategic change and continuous reinvention
  • Using continuous reinvention as a strategic weapon
  • Results-driven leadership, Leadership engine
  • Key aspects of learning and teaching organization
  • Managing the present while creating the future
  • Cornerstone Measurements overview: enhanced balanced scorecard

Workshop: Results-driven strategic leadership

Day 2

Breakthrough Strategy formulation and implementation

  • Keys to growth, market disruption and disruptive innovation
  • Keys to continuous reinvention
  • Strategic thinking, game changing, sustaining competitive advantage
  • Core growth, profitable growth and continuous reinvention
  • Role of leadership, teams, activists and champions for rapid growth

Strategic Innovation

  • Keys to breakthrough and strategic innovation
  • Creating 100’s of path-breaking ideas rapidly
  • Transforming the value/cost ratio, differentiation and speed of innovation
  • Incremental, breakthrough and disruptive innovations
  • Leading and sustaining innovation: Innovation System

Workshop: Breakthrough Strategy and Strategic Innovation

Day 3

Execution: Out-think and Outdo

  • Practical and holistic system of results-driven leadership, breakthrough strategy, strategic innovation and balanced measurements
  • How to become a Built-to-Reinvent company
    • Business Assessment
    • Launching the strategic change, leadership summit
    • Mobilize the organization and create alignment, excitement and drive to achieve vision and stretch goals
    • Barriers to successful implementation
    • Making it happen

Workshop: Applications to your business

Who Should Attend:
CEOs, direct reports to the CEOs, VPs, Executive Leadership. While individual executives may attend, organizations sending teams of three to five individuals will gain the most from this hands-on program.

Proven Results

  • 2x to 10x Revenue and Profit growth.
  • 2x to 5x Industry Growth Rate.
  • 100's of Game-changing Ideas.
  • 1.5x to 5x Revenue/Employee .