Clients Testimonial

“IGC’s business assessment methodology is extremely effective and powerful.”


Executive Vice President

“Your innovation methodology is unique and extremely impressive”

Bank of America

Vice President, Business Transformation

“Excellent methodology for strategy, innovation and product development.”


Executive Vice President

“I found your methodology extremely interesting, and you are on target with your innovation philosophy.”


VP Chemical Division

“IGC’s approach is truly market-driven, most comprehensive and practical”


Vice President Marketing

“Based on my experience, I highly recommend IGC to help reduce cost while improving quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.”


VP Operations

“(IGC) has practical understanding of the design process, and the enthusiasm is infectious.”

Hamilton Sundstrand

Executive VP

“The IGC approach is the best I have seen. In a word “spectacular””


“As head of software development, I realize that providing highly reliable, customer focused, and shorter time to market software is a major challenge for companies worldwide. Our software development will benefit from the focus and detailed specifications that are needed for software development and that are being generated through your involved and hands-on approach. I see that the software engineers are enthusiastic about your process, and are becoming real team players, willing to compromise and at the same time come up with creative solutions.”

“The IGC team approach allows each functional group within an organization to come together with a common goal. Engineers become better businessmen and marketers become better engineers. Each member of the team gains a better appreciation for each other, but especially gains a better understanding of true customer value.”


Manager of Engineering

“We are very impressed with your approach and feel convinced that you can add value to our organization.”


President and CEO

“I was impressed by the quality and number of innovative and strategic ideas that are critical to our future. The Strategic Customer Engagement approach to establish or build strategic partnerships with our key customers is unique and powerful. I am proud to be associated with this program, which will have a profound impact on our business.”


CEO and President

“Tom Peters told me that innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage. [IGC] showed me how to do it.”


Senior VP

“In our quest for a plan, we examined Taguchi, Deming, TQM, QFD, Competitive Strategies of Michael Porter, and many other popular management techniques designed to move the American Industry into a globally competitive position. Unfortunately no single management technique could solve our current problems and prepare us for the future. IGC approach integrates many of the principles taught by the Quality and Strategic Management and Product Development philosophies. IGC brings these principles into practical everyday action. This is exactly what we needed, a set of tools which we could use to change our company.”

“With the IGC approach we have defined a strategy to regain market share in our core business. In addition to addressing the needs of our core business, IGC helped us find additional market opportunities which will help us grow our company. The experience with IGC has been exhilarating.”


VP Sales & Marketing

“As a Total Quality Management Facilitator, I had worked with a number of consultants and consulting organizations, all of which addressed some elements of quality and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, much of what they offered was a disjointed collection of tools and techniques that when put together was neither coherent nor complete.”

“I must admit that your Process is the best organized, systematic, and complete product development process I have seen. The IGC process has pulled together the entire product development cycle in such a way the value to customer is maximized while the cost to the business is minimized.”


Head Operations

Proven Results

  • 2x to 10x Revenue and Profit growth.
  • 2x to 5x Industry Growth Rate.
  • 100's of Game-changing Ideas.
  • 1.5x to 5x Revenue/Employee .